Apr 24-26 & May 1-3

“Working Girls” by Bob Perry
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The Boomtown Theater is beginning its 44th season with more than 100 productions, including dramas, comedies, mysteries, musicals, the World War II show, and most recently, the Wheeler # 1, which was written and directed by Luann Branch, a former vocal music teacher at Drumright High School, to celebrate Drumright's Centennial year.

Weldon Jones, the Community Player who helped found the theater in 1971, began molding an enthusiastic group of actors and technicians into the artistically successful community theater of today. Originally, the thespians moved from temporary stage to vacant building, hauled folding chairs in the back of pickup trucks, set up the stage, performed the play, dismantled the stage, and returned the chairs.

Over time, the Boomtown Theater board of directors purchased two retail buildings on East Broadway Street in downtown Drumright. Its current location is unmistakable, marked by a traditional marquee that was financed through local contributions.

The Boomtown Theater has successfully navigated several financial challenges. When the marquee was installed, one wall of the theater began to pull away from the building. The Boomtown board was able to use $75,000 of existing funds to repair the structural damage without taking out a loan-a huge achievement. In 2009, the patrons made a special contribution to install comfortable new seats. Come and join us and continue enjoying the Boom Town's quality productions.

*The Drumright Community Players is a non-profit organization.


"Working Girls"

When a feisty young woman accepts a professional position in a man's world, she learns that some business lessons are not taught in school.

Working Girls is a play set in 1975 about a workplace that becomes a battle of the sexes, a war between generations, and a romantic comedy- without the romance. Our working girl has to fight the stereotypes and reinvent a few of her own.

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