Apr 24-26 & May 1-3

“Working Girls” by Bob Perry
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Boomtown 2015 Season

The Boomtown Theater is celebrating its 44th season. The spring show will be “Working Girls” by Bob Perry, an Oklahoma playwright and author. Among other books, Bob Perry also wrote the book and play entitled “The Broken Statue,” which the Drumright Players performed in November 2014. Like “The Broken Statues” (small cast version), “Working Girls” is a brand new play that has never before been produced. This full-fledged comedy captures nuisances in the clashing cultural changes our country was experiencing in 1975, which have continuing reverberations to this day.

During the summer, Luann Branch will once again direct the now famous “Musical Salute to WWII,” now in its 20th year of production! What an achievement! Each production is as fresh as if it was being performed for the first time. Don’t miss it!

During Oil Patch Days in Drumright, the Boomtown Theater will produce the annual Melodrama and Olio. It has become a Drumright staple. The melodrama is a source of fun, while the Olio features some extraordinary local performers. Come see for yourself.

During the fall, Larry Erwin will again star in “The Nerd,” with help from an extraordinary cast. “The Nerd” is a comedy that has become a community favorite, having been performed by the Drumright Community Players twice before. Former cast members can still be heard around town reciting comedic lines from one of the funniest plays ever.


"Working Girls"

When a feisty young woman accepts a professional position in a man's world, she learns that some business lessons are not taught in school.

Working Girls is a play set in 1975 about a workplace that becomes a battle of the sexes, a war between generations, and a romantic comedy- without the romance. Our working girl has to fight the stereotypes and reinvent a few of her own.

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